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the Louvre with the Bible
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Room Campana
Room of Bronzes

Scroll Lamp
Br 3115
Sully 1st floor
room 33 wall-mounted showcase
First century BCE (before 79)
Palestinian lamps were small recipients pierced
with at least two holes.  AE65
This knowledge of the ancient world in terms of
its everyday objects enables certain details
in the Bible to be better understood.

 Scroll Lamp

Palestinian lamps

These lamps would have provided nothing more than a very faint light if they had not been raised.This is perhaps the reason why Jesus declared:“You are the light of the world. No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house.” - Matthew 5:14-15   (New living Translation)
Menorah Covered in Snow

Relief of a Seven-branched Candelabra
AO 5042
Denon Mezzanine room A
Not currently on show
This relief belonging to the Louvre is decorated with a seven-branched candelabrum (menorah), which has become the Jewish symbol par excellence.
On the flagstones of the Louvre, resting on a tripod, it is surrounded by a wreath of leaves which also encloses the loulab (the palm) to the left and the shofar (the trumpet) to the right.
The Bible speaks of lampholders above all for ritual use.The light made of solid gold used for the ‘Holy Place’, the first tent of the tabernacle (Hebrews 9:2), was formed of a central shaft with six branches. - Exodus 25:31-40
The Scriptures do not give any information about the lampholders in the temples rebuilt by Zerubbabel and then Herod.Joseph reported that Antiochus (Epiphanes) robbed the Temple, even taking the golden candlesticks. Jewish depictions have a very different base to that seen on the Arch of Titus in Rome. AR82 AR81


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