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Prism of the Expeditions of
King Ashurbanipal

AO 19939
Richelieu room 6 showcase 4
Known for his massive deportations
of populations (we find in this text an account
of expeditions against Elam, Tyre and Egypt),
Ashurbanipal was even more
renowned for his taste for literature.
Excavations unearthed an immense library
that he formed in Nineveh and which included
some 22,000 texts and clay tablets.

King Ashurbanipal is mentioned in the Bible

The capture of Susa, capital of Elam, is referred to in this prism. This event enabled this king to be identified with the ‘ great and honorable As´e·nap·par ’ of Ezra 4:10.
This name, which features in a part of the book written in Aramaic, is clearly a shortened form of the name of the King of Assyria, with an ‘r’ at the end instead of an ‘l’, Aramaic like Persian not having the letter ‘l’.


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