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King Akhenaten    E 11076

Sully 2nd floor
room 25 showcase 1
It is said that a form of monotheism existed
under the reign of Amenhotep IV-Akhenaten,
when the cult of the sun-god Atum
became almost exclusive;
however, this was not genuine monotheism.
“The site of Atama provided numerous objects
and amulets dedicated to the classical divinities;
divinities other than Atum
are named in the official texts.
These contradictions show that the belief in
a single god did not totally exclude the existence
of other, secondary divine manifestations resulting
from another theological system.”  AE37

 King Akhenaten  and monotheism

In addition, hymns to the sun-god only praised him for his life-giving warmth, but expressed no praise or acknowledgement of any spiritual or moral virtue.
Any hypothesis which aims to explain the monotheism in the writings of Moses as having an Egyptian influence is therefore absolutely unfounded.
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