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Taharqa Presenting Wine Vases to the God Hemen
E 25276      Sully 1st floor Room 29
bronze (King), silver plated
wooden base
Taharqa, the last sovereign of the dual Nubian-Egyptian kingdom (25th Dynasty), reigned over the whole of Egypt from 690 to 664, before being driven out of the north of Egypt by the Assyrians.
The pharaoh is shown kneeling before the falcon-god Hemen of whom he claimed to be the incarnation. He was one of the last ‘black pharaohs’ of the Nubian Dynasty, who ruled Egypt between 713 and 656 BCE.
This ‘Ethiopian’ sovereign is generally identified as the Tirhakah mentioned in the text of Isaiah 37:9. See also 2 Kings 19:9  AE62


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